About the Guild

Chartered in 1974, the Atlanta Puppetry Guild is a part of the national Puppeteers of America organization.  The guild is dedicated to bringing together artists, educators, librarians, hobbyists, professionals, and everyday people who share an interest in the art of puppetry.  Current activities include potluck socials, field trips to view and discuss adult and family puppetry presentations, occasional workshops, and participation in the National Day of Puppetry on the last Saturday in April.

A free level of 'associate' membership allows one to attend meetings, receive notifications of meetings, receive announcements of other local puppetry events, and participate in our Google Group mailing lists.  To be eligible to vote for new officers, apply for guild grants and scholarships, or access past meeting notes online, you must be a paid member in good standing.  To be eligible to run for an officer position, you must be a member of the Atlanta Puppetry Guild and a member of Puppeteers of America.  The cost of guild membership is $10 for an individual or dual membership.  The membership year runs from Jan 1st through Dec 31st.

The newsletter of the Atlanta Puppetry Guild is the Atlanta Puppet Press, has been retired. Information is now available through our website, our Google Group mailing lists, and our Facebook page.

Current Guild Officers
President Heidi Carpenter
Vice President of Programming Gregg Wallace
Vice President of Community Outreach Jeanne Renaux
Treasurer Tricia Berrett
Secretary / Facebook Admin Paulette Richards
Volunteer Staff
Webmaster Kevin Pittman
Scholarship Chair Aretta Baumgartner

The guild's charter specifies what the duties of each officer shall be.

You can use our handy Contact Form to contact any of our officers or staff.