Kevin Pittman

Puppeteer and Costume Character Performer for Hire
Animal characters; hand puppets; marionettes; costume puppets / mascot costumes
Business Name
Kevin Pittman and his Forest Friends
Type of Business
Puppet shows, costume character greetings, animal characters, workshops, festivals
Birthday Parties?
Yes (Non-Residential Venues Only)
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Kevin Pittman

Since 2003, Kevin has been amazing audiences throughout Atlanta with his unique, personally designed costume-puppet animal characters that often leave people wondering if there could actually be a person inside the costume.  Performing in a style that is a throwback to the classic art of pantomime animal impersonation, Kevin strives to bring his characters to life in a manner that replicates how the real animals they are based on would actually move about.

Kevin's ever-growing menagerie includes a semi-realistic Ornithomimus dinosaur, a quadruped (walking on all fours) billy goat, a quadruped arctic fox, a strong and conniving red-tailed hawk, a friendly three-hundred-year-old British dragon, a hyperactive little squirrel, a South African penguin that can actually go for a swim in a pool, and even a seven-foot tall white stork!

Kevin's talents do go beyond costume puppets to include the realm of hand-and-rod puppets, and many a crowd has been drawn into the magical antics of some of his close companions like Savannah P. Fox, Rascal E. Raccoon, Poe "Awesome" Opossum, and Flip-Flop the Lop Eared Bunny.  His newest pursuit is large-scale puppets that include a life-size red kangaroo, a very giant tarantula marionette, and life size skunk Little Stinker and Snowy the Snow Leopard.  Kevin also does instructional workshops for ages 12 and up.

Kevin has appeared at hundreds of events and venues around the Greater Atlanta area including the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Duluth Fall Festival, Children's Heatlhcare Festival of Trees, the Atlanta Parent Magazine Family Block Party, and the May-Retta Daze and Marietta Harvest Square festivals held on the Marietta Square.