Puppet Slams in Atlanta

What is a Puppet Slam?  Simply put, it is a curated collection of short-form pieces of adult puppet theater.  The Puppet Showplace Theater and Boston Area Guild of Puppetry provide a more in-depth description:

It's an evening of short varied theatrical mini-plays for adults that use (or sometimes abuse) puppets for all or part of the drama.  Each piece is performed by a different artist or artists, and the content can be wide-ranging; some are elegant or poignant, others are satiric, irreverent, or humorous, and still others can be passionate, political, or spiritual in nature.  The performers range from the seasoned professional to the nascent puppeteer, and often include poets, musicians, dancers, mimes, actors, and other sundry affiliated artists.

For more information on the history and evolution of the slam, please visit the Puppet Slam Network Blog.

For information about Puppet slams in the Atlanta, Georgia area: Puppet Slam Atlanta on Facebook

Atlanta's regular puppet slam is The Puckin Fuppet Show